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Seasons And Perspectives

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Welcome! Life is made up of seasons and perspectives. At least mine is. I hope you enjoy my blogs.

My name is Lonna. Or El, Elle or Lonnie Lou, or Mimi or Sue. Depends on the mood of my heart or the irritation of being given such a mispronounced name. But most of the time I am Just Lonna. Long O. I have traversed the earth for 60 years. Most of it willingly. Some years the earth has traversed me. I am a mixed up mash up of cultures, rhythms and faith. My writings reflect this. These writings are all taken from my journals which I've been keeping for years. I'm glad you're reading them and I hope you'll take the time to let me know how you maybe see your story in mine. Or mine in yours. May my writing and blogging encourage and inspire you as well as make you laugh and cry. Always wonder, always ask and always listen.

Please feel free to comment!

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